Graphic Design Intern Required
Posted 08/05/2017

StudioPensom is moving to a larger space and so we are looking for a Graphic Design intern for a three month period.

We are a very small team, so there'll be a real opportunity to get involved with some live projects, ranging from editorial to music design and whatever else we have on.

You will need to know your way around Adobe Creative Suite and have a decent grasp of design history. The rest can be picked up along the way, although some basic web experience would be useful.

Send your CV and a PDF of recent work to no later than 17/05/2017 please.
Massive Attack box set
Posted 01/10/2014

We finally got hold of copies of the boxset that we worked on with Robert Del Naja earlier this year.

3D & The Art Of Massive Attack is available in limited and standard editions from The Vinyl Factory now.
Roisin Murphy Mi Senti EP
Posted 30/09/2014

StudioPensom recently completed a new gatefold EP for Roisin Murphy, formerly of Moloko.

It was a fascinating project which took many twists and turns before we arrived at the final product.

The finished sleeve uses 3D typography designed by SP, which was then modelled, built and photographed by the super talented team of Rachel Thomas and Jenny Van Sommers.

Inside the gatefold, portrait photography was by Ami Barwell, and retouching was by Stephanie Colman and Katrin Straupe.

StudioPensom are delighted to collaborate with such a skilled team of people.
Creative Review November 2014 cover
Posted 30/09/2014

This is the cover for the latest edition of Creative Review, the November 2014 Fashion issue.

It features an illustration by the talented illustrator Jack Cunningham.
CR July issue sneak preview
Posted 19/06/2014

Here's the cover for next month's Creative Review, The Trends Issue, featuring photography by Arvida Bystrom.
Nokia Microsoft One book
Posted 19/05/2014

Earlier this year StudioPensom worked with The Church of London on a book to commemorate the merger of electronic titans Microsoft and Nokia.

We've finally received a printed copy back, and it looks magnificent, with a debossed gold leaf cover and dozens of excellent illustrations. For more detail about the book, see the Creative Review blog story here:
CR sneak preview
Posted 18/10/2013

It's not out till next week, but here's an exclusive sneak preview of Creative Review's wraparound November cover.

It's a shot of shop window cutouts used to promote The Sex Pistols' 1979 Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle film, and is taken from the archive of Brian Cooke, long-time house designer at Virgin Records, and the subject of our main feature celebrating 40 years of the Virgin label.

The magenta has been swapped for Pantone fluoro 806, so hopefully it's going to shine from the shelves. And who said punk's dead, eh?
Creative Review October cover
Posted 18/10/2013

October's Creative Review cover was a bit special. Here at StudioPensom we've been working with Robert Del Naja for the best part of a year on the definitive collection of his artworks, to be released by the Vinyl Factory later this month.

When Paul asked him if he'd be interested in working on a cover for Creative Review, Del Naja jumped at the chance, and here is the result; printed in Pantone 032 and black on to Curious Matter Andina Grey 270gsm, which makes for a wonderfully tactile issue.

As a fan of Massive Attack from way back, Paul has enjoyed being involved with this mammoth project very much.
Unused Centrefold layouts
Posted 18/10/2013

This is a set of unused openers created by StudioPensom and art director Stephen Petch of The Independent for photographer Andrew Hobbs' Centrefold magazine.

It's a pity but we're not proceeding with the project. There are some very talented photographers involved, and we wish them the best of luck for the new issue.
Disco Bloodbath update
Posted 18/10/2013

You can now buy one of StudioPensom's limited Risoprints, (plus much more excellent artwork from the 'Bump In The Night' exhibition), via the website of design studio Them.
Daily Inspiration
Posted 06/09/2013

World Cup 74. Dust wrapper, debossed cover and spread by the late, great, Willy Fleckhaus, art director of the legendary Twen.
Disco Bloodbath
Posted 27/08/2013

This week we were asked by our old friends Them Design to contribute to the launch of Disco Bloodbath's new album, Go Bump In The Night.

We contributed this image, which will form part of an exhibition of prints which will accompany the album promotion and be available to buy.

Visit to find out about buying prints or for more details.
Global Street Art
Posted 15/06/2013

StudioPensom is currently working with Global Street Art, the world's best online street art archive, to produce a 300-page book documenting the phenomenon of graffiti worldwide.

"The book will be about public space and the cities we choose to live in, says GSA founder Lee Bofkin. "By showing beautiful international examples of street art and graffiti, the aim is to imagine a more painted world.

If another visual order is possible, then so is another way of experiencing our cities and another way of living. The writing is on the wall."
Centrefold magazine
Posted 15/06/2013

StudioPensom is delighted to be working with Independent art director Stephen Petch on the next issue of the prestigious Centrefold Magazine.

Founded in 2003 by photographer Andrew G. Hobbs, Centrefold Magazine is a limited-edition, bi-annual A2 folding poster publication showcasing both established and emerging artists in the fashion, art and design industries.

Each issue is guest-edited by a different design team who commission photographers, stylists and artists who have captured their attention. The magazine is sent to leading creatives within the design, fashion and art industries to use for inspiration and reference, or simply to enjoy as a beautifully presented artwork.

Centrefold collaborates with top talents in the creative world including Mark Abrahams, Guy Aroch, David Bailey, Cindy Crawford, Jourdan Dunn, Hans Feurer, Anya Gallaccio and Kate Moss.